Pangea AC-14SE MkII, Lightweight Power Cable

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Pangea has made a name for itself in the audio accessories category quicker than any company we have seen before.  The company designs and manufactures power cables, interconnects, equipment racks and other miscellany for the audiophile set with amazing results.  The AC14SE MkII power cable is a little more than just a bunch of letters and numbers mushed together; and it's a lot more than your standard IECC, run-of-the-mill cable. 

First, the AC14SE MkII measures at 14-gauge per conductor - Plenty of cross-sectional 99.99% OFC free copper carrying your AC signal form your wall to your gear.  Even skeptics who might thing that this cable won't "add" anything to your system, might agree that it certainly won't take anything away.  To add to this purity, the termination points are made from George Cardas' own "Grade One" formula copper for a superior connection between the cable and the 24k Gold terminals on either end.  The stranded Litz wire that comprises the conductor cabling is also no-compromise. 

Our example AC-14SE MkII cable is in near perfect condition. Lightly used and ready for a new owner to watch their audio electrons vibrate with the utmost clarity from point-to-point.  Perfect for lower-current applications such as preamps, DACs and other sources.

1 meter length 

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