Paradigm Monitor 9 v7, Slender Floor-Standing Beauties!

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Paradigm has been running the Monitor series of speakers for nearly 4 decades.  They are one of the most successful speaker lines still available today. With every iteration, Paradigm refines and adapts the design to the latest in hifi trends.  Once upon a time, the Monitor 9 was a large, ominous floor-stander that pumped two 8" poly cone woofers per tower. Over the years, and as driver technology has improved, the series has gotten smaller, utilizing many of the same principles, but with more carefully crafted drivers.

Enter the Monitor 9 v7.   

This slender, compact, and unassuming tower speaker will amaze you with a diffuse soundstage and surprisingly low low-end. Each speaker sports dual 5.35" poly cone drivers with a long-throw mechanism, allowing the system to tune all the way down to 46 Hz, and not in a soft way.  The speakers have definition and "slam" that are often only experience with larger models. 

The 5.25" S-PAL (patented material technology) midrange cone driver handles vocals and instruments perfectly. Nothing too shouty, nothing too soft.  And Paradigm's tried and tested 1" S-PAL hybrid dome tweeter adds just the right amount of sparkle. 

These speakers are in excellent condition, barring one blemish on the top of one side.  Price reflects this very minor deficiency.  

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

$599 (plus applicable shipping and/or sales tax)

* Note, these speakers can be shipped in their original crates for an additional fee.  Please enquire before purchasing. *