Pawel, Ensemble Reference Bookshelf Monitors SUPER RARE & Amazing!

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Pawel Acoustics was established in a small Swiss village in 1981 to produce high-end audio equipment for both the consumer and professional markets. A physical examination of the product makes it clear that the Ensemble loudspeakers are crafted in the tradition of Swiss perfectionism. Designer Harry Pawel and his brother Markus are described as "well-known Swiss electronics wizards." Harry is in his 30s, sings in a choir, and is also active in professional recording. I was a bit reluctant to accept the "electronics wizard" label until I found out that at age 17 Harry built his own ESLs with direct-coupled tube amps—both of which are still working today. Not bad for a teenager.

The driver complement of each speaker is very similar and consists of a 5" woofer running fairly wide open, a ¾" soft-dome tweeter, and a KEF SP139 passive radiator. In fact, the passive radiator takes up almost the entire back panel of the enclosure. Both woofer and tweeter are custom-made for Pawel Acoustics the old-fashioned way—by hand. The tweeter is claimed to possess very linear characteristics, excellent dispersion, and a lightning-fast rise time of 12 microseconds. The woofer cone is made of a synthetic foam material sandwiched between a few-micron-thick aluminum foil and paper. The diaphragm is thus ultra-rigid yet extremely light. The exact composition of the synthetic foam is a trade secret, but the manufacturer insists that it has nothing to do with ordinary Styrofoam. As Bob Graham puts it, it's good to know that the woofers are not "reconstituted coffee cups."

It's hard to describe the holograph imagine these things throw. They are nothing short of astonishing. As somone intimately familiar with Quad, ESLs these little triangular time aligned wedges are eerily close in presentation. We absolutely love these speakers!!! They are VERY rare and these are in exceptional condition in every way. 

Come have a listen to true Swiss HiEnd here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence here online.

Pawel, Ensemble Reference Standmount Loudspeakers: $1899 + applicable sales tax