Gold Note PH-10 MM/MC Phono Preamp

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Gold Note PH-10 is a multi-award-winning solid state phono preamplifier with amazing sound quality and versatility. 

The PH-10 offers unique features, including on-the-fly adjustable cartridge loading, gain adjustments, and EQ curves.  The PH-10 lets you select the most appropriate EQ curve for every record: standard RIAA, the DECCA London, or COLUMBIA, and all selectable, along with other settings from a Clearly visible color LED display. To control the PH-10 Gold Note developed a user-friendly Single Knob Control (SKC). Combined with the color display this rotary joggle allows for quick adjustments of any function in real-time during music playback. No more messing with DIP switches to hear the differences from one setting to another. Each curve can be “Enhanced” with our proprietary technology inspired by the Neumann Cutting Lathe for superior dynamics and musicality.

Nine different cartridge loading options (from 10Ω to 47kΩ) and four different selectable gain options (0dB, ± 3dB, +6dB) allow the user  adjust the preamplifier accurately to achieve the best sound experience with any kind of MM and MC cartridge.  In addition, the preamp allows for two phono inputs for those running multiple arms or turntables, with saved memory settings for each input for the easiest possible transition from one record to another. 

The fully analog design is engineered exclusively with the best possible components to recreate music in the most natural way possible.  Balanced and unbalanced outputs provide connection flexibility as well to multiple types of equipment. To further enhance the system's performance, the PH-10 is compatible with Gold Note's proprietary PSU-10 outboard power supply for better signal-to-noise isolation. 

Available in three distinct finishes: Black, Silver, and Gold.

More information can be found on the Gold Note web site.

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