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Philips High Fidelity Laboratories was a very interesting hi-end audio branch of Philips Electronics, catering to the growing and spendy hi-fi market.  The High Fidelity Laboratories gear spanned 3 continents in its upbringing.  The group was a unique combination of German engineering, Japanese design, and US assembly.  

The Philips 572 High Fidelity Preamplifier was a full-featured unit with a very unique design and control setup.  The 572 is VERY neat, and it also sounds great. The capacitive contacts were way ahead of its time in terms of technology and are used to control things like selectable pre-amp output, tone defeat, and hi- low- filter functions.  The 572 has plenty of inputs to satisfy both modern and vintage equipment needs, and a very nice internal MM phono stage. 

The only issues with this particular unit are a few minor scratches on the sides, and the logic for the selector lighting doesn't illuminate all of the positions. All bulbs have been replaced, so it's an issue with the logic inside the unit. My tech has taken it as far as he will go, therefore we have it priced at 1/2 what these normally sell for.

Remember! Functionally and sound-wise this unit is near perfect!

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