Pioneer A-70 Integrated Amplifier

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The Pioneer A-70 fulfills the fundamental purpose of an amplifier by faithfully amplifying the music source and driving the speakers without losing any of the original feeling of the music source.

The worst scourge of listening pleasure, the switching problem, has been eliminated by use of the non-switching amplifier system.

The dynamic power supply circuitry has been used in keeping with the expansion of the dynamic range of modern digital audio equipment - this is the dynamic power non-switching that has made quality and high power a reality.

A line straight function which bypasses the tone control and loudness control circuits has been installed.

The simple circuit construction which is so important to sound purity can be easily selected by a flip of the switch.

Careful consideration has been given to the task of fully amplifying the micro signals of the MC cartridge, a nice bonus for those using this type of cart. The first stage uses a low-noise, high-gain FET while the second stage uses a one chip dual operational amplifier. As the signal amplification apparatus and the DC servo amplifier are contained in identical chips, excellent stability is obtained, in practice, a high S/N of 70 dB has been obtained.

Interesting amp... the previous owner said that he prefers this piece to a number of VERY well know vintage integrateds in his collection. Said he used it exclusively based on its sound signature and mated with a particular set of B&W speakers. Have to say, its an under the radar smoker! Clean, crisp with plenty of slam and had a fabulous phono section. Checks ALL the boxes. Gobs of power at 120x2 @ 8ohm and plenty to drive tough loads. Been gone through and brought back to spec here in-house. A winner in every way. 

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Pioneer A-70 Integrated Amp: $349 plus applicable sales tax