Pioneer CT-F750 Auto Reverse Cassette Deck - SOLD

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As the kids say these days, Pioneer was "killing it" in the 1970s.  Pioneer's equipment list included monster receivers with bright metal fascias, walnut veneered cabinets, and more knobs and switches than an L.A. low-rider on a Sunday cruise night on Van Nuys. From the late-70s to the early-80s Pioneer introduced tons of innovation into their products as well.  They threw Fluoroscan displays and "Quartz-Locked" features on everything from tuners to turntables.  Vinyl playback was still the king of the music scene, but compact cassette tapes had started to gain momentum.  Every Xennial remembers their time sitting in front of the stereo, listening to KISS or ZLX jam sessions, waiting to push RECORD on their dad's cassette player.  Mix-tapes were made for all the girls at the playground!

The CT-F750 was a shining (literally) example of one of Pioneer's accomplishments from this era.  Featuring Auto-Reverse, metal tape equalization, and a vibrant Fuoroscan display, this 2-head cassette deck was feature packed and beautiful.  Oh, and it sounds great too. 

This unit has been fully serviced.  New belts and idler "tires," all dials cleaned and lubed.  Speed has been calibrated, and pre/rec output levels trimmed to spec. 

It's an awesome example and deserves a new home.

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

$425 (plus applicable sales tax)

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