Pioneer CT-F9191 Cassette Player/Recorder

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The Pioneer CT-F9191 is a dual-motor, dual-head cassette player and recorder from the glory age of audio tape playback. Like all Pioneers from the era, the 9191 sports a gorgeous brushed metal face and rear walnut veneered top and side panels. The player is beautiful to look at. Giant playback and record meters dance to the beat while Donna Summer “Loves to Love Ya, Babaaay!”  The front-loading mechanism is easy to use, easy to see, and beautifully executed.   

This particular 9191 has been completely serviced by Tom Brander, a cassette deck specialist.  All rubber tires have been either replaced or resurfaced, speed has been adjusted, and tape heads fully cleaned to ensure this unit works as close to original specification as possible. 

This is a real lovely piece. Excellent condition inside and out, period.

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

$399 (Plus applicable sales tax)