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The Pioneer ELITE line was introduced to the US and Japan around 1985 with significant acclaim.  Following the success of Pioneer's attempt at "high end" audio with the Reference Series of equipment, the ELITE line implemented many of the same low-noise, low-vibration characteristics of the pieces that they succeeded.  

The M72 Multichannel power amplifier is one such example of Pioneer's engineering and visual design prowess.  This amplifier screams quality from the gloss black faceplate and rich rosewood side panels, to the thick non-resonant chassis and "Honeycomb" heatsinks.  This amp means business.

The amp can be used to drive one, two, or three pair of speakers, with multiple configurations (A,B,C or A+B, C).  Hosting two separate amplifiers or 100 watts per channel (A,B) and 50 watts per channel (C), the amp can be used for stereo listening, multi-room listening, surround duty, or bi-amping.

Demos are welcome at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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