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Pioneer introduced the M-90 Reference Power Amplifier in 1987, to be used in conjunction with the C-90 Reference Control Amplifier. In the January 1987 issue of Stereo Review that ran the "Not Evolutionary-Revolutionary" advertisement, here is what Pioneer said about the M-90:

"The M-90 is a superb high-power stereo amplifier, utilizing dual-mono construction. It is conservatively rated at 200 W/CH into 8 ohms and delivers 800 W/CH of dynamic power at 2 ohms. The wide dynamic range of the digital sources can be reproduced effortlessly, with any loudspeakers. The M-90's high current capacity of 47 amps can handle the challenge of the most complex speaker loads. To further enhance S/N ratio and channel separation, relay-operated electronic switches and a long shaft volume control keep the length of signal paths down to a minimum. Why include a high quality volume control on a power amp? To pursue the straight wire-with-gain philosophy when using a CD player connected directly. Pure sound, redefined."

The M-90 is virtually distortion-free, having only 0.003% THD from 20-20K Hz @ 8 ohms, and has a S/N ratio of 125 dB! The M-90 Reference Power Amplifier is a twin-mono design with separate power supplies and circuitry for both left and right channels...

This is a beautiful example of a much sought after Pioneer "hi-end" Reference Power Amp. Missing its front door (we are trying to locate this piece) but sonically spectacular in every way. Full, lush, articulate and with plenty of grunt to drive any speaker you toss at it. Truly a wonderful piece!

Can come listen and demo this Pioneer Amp at our Lawrence showroom or buy with confidence via our website.

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