Pioneer SX-626 Vintage Receiver, Plug & Play!

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The Pioneer SX-626 is a wonderful entry-level vintage receiver.  Manufactured in Japan from 1971 to 1973, the receiver encompasses all of the silver-face greatness of the era with fantastic specs to boot!  Coming at just under 30 watts per channel, the 626 blends affordability with sound quality in a very special way.  

The SX-626 features excellent FM reception, two moving magnet phono inputs, two tape loops tape loops, and aux input, and connections for up to 3 pair of speakers (A, B, and C) using Pioneer's proprietary pin connectors. (Note, this unit comes with one set of pin connectors, others can be purchased online)

This unit has been serviced by our technician, Tom Brander: fully cleaned, and has had the display bulbs replaced with LEDs.   Also, the walnut veneer case looks beautiful for its age.  Sound quality is clean and the receiver has plenty of power for most vintage speakers of the era.

Demos are welcome at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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