Pioneer TX-7100 AM/FM-Stereo Tuner, A Super Clean Classic

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As the kids say these days, Pioneer was "killing it" in the 1970s.  Pioneer's equipment list included monster receivers with bright metal fascias, walnut veneered cabinets, and more knobs and switches than an L.A. low-rider on a Sunday cruise night on Van Nuys. Throughout the 1970s Pioneer introduced tons of innovation into their products, including FM tuners as well.  

The TX-7100 AM/FM-Stereo Tuner is an advanced professional AM/FM stereo tuner packaged in a "value-based" configuration.  Sharing many of the features seen on it's bigger brothers, the 8100 and 9100, this unit utilizes a 4-gang tuning front end coupled with a 5-stage limiter for high performance signal processing. This series of tuners are often considered as some of Pioneer's finest.  

Visually, the TX-7100 is a stunner.  The broad, silver face is accented with walnut side panels for that classic look.  Controls are sensitive and tactile..Just what you'd want from a vintage piece like this.  The TX-7100 also features dual analog outputs, fixed and variable, for coordination with various downstream systems. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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