Pioneer ELITE VSX-72TXV Home Theater Receiver With HDMI

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The Pioneer VSX-72TXV is not our typical "bread and butter" type of receiver.  First off, being from 2006, it's pretty new for our showroom and sort of sticks out as an oddball in a room with 2-channel workhorses and 1970s silver-faced goodies.  But one thing that allows this receiver to stand proud in the middle of our showroom is just how good it actually sounds! 

Pioneer has been a leader in home hifi for nearly 90 years. The Japanese brand exudes quality at reasonable prices, and piles on features that you never thought you needed, but really can't live without. The VSX-72TXV is no exception.  This is a home theater powerhouse.  With 130 watts per channel to 7 output channels, all able to be driven simultaneously, this thing is a real beast. 

The number of inputs and outputs available with this receiver is dizzying, so instead of copying them all here's a LINK TO PIONEER'S DATA SHEET

In addition to a sea of analog inputs and outputs, the internal DAC decipher's both SPDIF and HDMI digital audio and video with authority and clarity. 

This particular unit was used sparingly in a home theater, protected in a very classy TV console, and always treated kindly.  Besides the occasional movie, it was never pushed to its limits.  The original remote and manual are included.   It's amazing to think that this piece was $1300 when new, and now only worth a fraction of that.  

Come get a serious bargain and some serious juice for your audio escapades. 

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