Plinius 9100 Powerful Integrated Amplifier - SOLD

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Plinius Audio has been around since 1980, making some of the most incredible amplifiers and audio equipment in the industry from its home base in New Zealand. Legendary, high-powered, high-current power amplifiers with huge heat sinks and bold brushed aluminum cabinets are their signature look. 

The Plinius 9100 is an exceptional value for an integrated amplifier of this lineage. It pushes 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms using Class A/B architecture, and is 2 ohm stable. This headroom and stability mean the amp can power nearly any speaker put in front of it.  If you demand more power, the 9100 can be used as a line-level preamp. Operation is silent and extraordinary. 

This unit is in perfect condition.  No scratches, superb performance, hefty remote, manual, and all packaging as sent from the factory.  

$1,199 (plus applicable shipping and sales tax)