Polk Audio LS90 Flagship Towers, Superb Sound

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The Polk Audio LS90 tower speakers were the top-of-the-line offering from the company in the early 1990s, following the incredible success of their Monitor line which ran with only minor tweaks and changes for almost 18 years.  The LS90 was the flagship of two ranges that Polk produced at the time, the LS-series and S-series.  The LS utilized several design elements that enhanced performance, reduced distortion and brought these speakers up to a "boutique" level of performance for the time. 

Polks' in-house-designed composite "Dynamic Balance" dome tweeter is a strong evolution from earlier Polk tweeters which utilized the same monicker. The Dynamic Balance principle used the duality of differing materials to provide low-internal resonance for the tweeter diaphragm, allowing for crossover flexibility and improved dispersion without distortion.  In the LS, the tweeter diaphragm was made from a "Trilaminate" material which was lab-tested to produce a purer sound.  The woofer cones, too, were designed using engineered composite materials to reduce cone breakup at resonance and provide stiff, pistonic movement. 

This LS90 Series is in beautiful condition.  Besides a few small marks on the tops off each cabinet, the simulated rosewood finish is beautifully presented.  The MW1700 Dynamic Balance Trilaminate tweeter combines with four 6.5" SL6000 composite woofers, crossed at various frequencies, for a really powerful sonic signature and beautiful imaging.   The LS90 feature a broad 35-25,000 Hz frequency response at -3dB, and can get down into the 20s with a little push. 

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