Polk Audio RTA-8T, Compact Yet Life-like Sound

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Polk Audio was founded in 1972 by Johns Hopkins engineering graduates, led by Matthew Polk.  Polk was known early in the industry as "the guy with the white lab coat," as most of the company's advertisements featured the tall, slender engineer donning his lab-ready attire in front of an array of many-drivered loudspeakers.  Polk's designs were an effort to chase the realism of live performance.  The company's theory was that line arrays of smaller drivers, in carefully controlled conditions, could produce the same full-range response as systems with larger drivers, but with a much more realistic and immediate "live-performance" feel.  

The RTA series was introduced in 1988 with three models, the 15T, 10T, and 8T.  The "Real Time Array" series was essentially an adaptation of the already popular D'Appolitto driver alignment which naturally corrected for phase coherence issues at the crossover point between the midrange and tweeter.

The RTA-8T was the smallest of the series, standing only 34" tall.  The system features dual 6-1/2" paper-composite cone woofers and the in-house designed 1" Silver Coil polyamide dome tweeter.  The enclosure is front-ported for a little additional low end kick. 

This system is in excellent physical condition and plays like new.  Bass response is healthy, and the integration between mid and tweeter is seamless. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

$299 (plus applicable MA sales tax)

* Note, shipping these speakers would be expensive and rather impractical, so a local sale is preferred.  BUT, if you really want them shipped, please send us a message and we can see what our options are.