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The Polk, LSi9 measures 15"H x 8 5/8"W x 15 1/4"D and weighs in at a hefty 33 pounds. In comparison to many of the other bookshelf speakers in its price range, the LSi9 is a fair bit heavier, and bigger too. However, the bigness is cleverly hidden. The front of the speaker is reasonably narrow, but there’s a lot of depth to the cabinet.

The LSi9 is a 2 1/2-way design. The bottom woofer works up to 200Hz, where it is rolled off with a second-order filter. The top woofer works in the bass region too, and then also continues up through the midrange to 2.4kHz, where it is rolled off with a second-order filter. A third-order filter is used with the tweeter, and that driver then flies off to the stratosphere. The drivers are all of high quality. Polk says that the 5 1/4" woofers are "polypropylene that has been ‘foamed’ with air. This technique serves to suppress cone resonance without adding mass." The tweeter is called a Ring Radiator. Perceptive eyes will notice that it’s actually a Vifa-sourced unit with a Polk Audio faceplate. It’s the same tweeter that’s used in Krell’s ultra-expensive $10,000 LAT-2 as well as other pricey speakers by Sonus Faber, etc. the cabinets ar incredibly rigid and dense adding to the overall feeling of a high quality box with top performing drivers.

This set is offered in solid 9 condition. Blemish free cabinets with only the slightest signs of wear of any kind. We had a bit of a stand mount shootout. Can see you what we have in house on this site - these Polks were HIGHLY competitive with monitors costing 3-4x as much. All the reviews o line are accurate. These LSi9 are just superb.

Come listen to these amazing Polks at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence online via this website.

Polk, LSi9 Monitors: $629.00 (Plateau 19" stands included) plus applicable sales tax