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Sound apart, the great thing about Primare's components is that they look a lot more expensive than they are, even at this elevated level, thanks to solid, rigid casework and controls with a smoothness and precision that makes them a delight to use.

The Primare A30.2 is a two-channel modular power amplifier designed as the ideal output stage in a home theatre or hi-fi system. The Primare A30.2 power amplifier is a dual-mono design, which means that it incorporates two compact mono power amp channels each with a separate transformer and power supply. This provides the ideal conditions for optimum stability and channel separation. The heat sinks are massive to keep the temperature at a moderate level even under the most difficult working conditions. The amplifier is capable of delivering 120watts into an 8 ohms load and incorporates full speaker protection against faulty input signals. One individual DC-servo for each channel together with protection circuit and temperature monitoring provide state-of- the-art protection. It can internally be configured as a fully balanced mono power amplifier using either balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA) inputs. In this mode the Primare A30.2 is capable of delivering 1 x 380W into an 8ohm load. Each channel incorporates an unbalanced RCA as well as a balanced XLR input configured with a backside switch. Massive high quality gold plated speaker terminals suitable for most audiophile speaker cables are also provided. The amplifier can be remotely operated with its 12V trigger input, which has a loop-through output for controlling a second Primare A30.2 or other amplifier. SMD technology is used whenever possible to keep the shortest possible signal path for the highest possible performance.

The PRE30 is a fully balanced preamplifier designed with operational simplicity in mind. When used in conjunction with a balanced power amplifier, such as the A30.2 or the A32 it becomes a significant link in an ultra-low noise signal chain that connects the source with the speaker. Each of the seven inputs may be adjusted for the differences in output level produced by each source.

Have to say this is another exceptional setup - Primare is a Swedish, award winning manufacturer of high-end audio components. It's design is timeless and quality is of the highest degree. We are offering this pre/power combo togther... we will discuss breaking them up but you'll need to contact us 1st. Solid 9 condition and absolutely no disappointments with these pieces. Breathtaking with every speaker in this shop.

Can demo these incredible Primare components at our Lawrence showroom or purchase online with confidence via this website.

Primare, Pre30 & A30.2: $1599.00 plus applicable sales tax