ProAc Response 2.5 "Classics"

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While the ProAc Response 2.5 looks like a 2s standmount integrated into a floorstanding wooden box; it's new woofer, which is the result of several months of work with Scan-Speak, is, as they say, a miracle of modern science, and results in substantially improved performance. ProAc says the new driver has the midrange qualities they were looking for, plus it has "more going for it" at the bottom end.

There's a nine-element crossover network mounted on a special fiberglass board soldered on both sides. The finely machined and quite substantial bi-wirable/bi-ampable rhodium-plated speaker terminals bolt directly to the board and make physical and electrical contact through both sides and center of the board, and are through-hole soldered. Hookup wire is the same 500-strand oxygen-free copper cable used in all ProAc products, sourced from a British company the name of which they kept close to the vest.

The braced and damped box, which varies in thickness to reduce standing waves, is stuffed with a bonded acetic fiber fill used extensively in loudspeakers 20 years ago, according to ProAc, but not much today because it's more difficult to fit in the cabinet due to its unruly, "woolly" nature. Its big advantage, is better sound. In other words, this carefully conceived and constructed, $4500/pair, two-way, ported box distinguishes itself by its attention to detail, rather than with radically new "technology" or construction techniques.

Have ALWAYS been a fan of ProAc products and design having owned several sets. These are an iconic 2-way from a company that did it pretty much better than anyone else and for a long stretch of time. These 2.5s are in very nice condition having been refurbished here in house with new foam tweeter plate refractors and a light touch-up of the already beautiful mahogany cabinets. 16 square corners and no major flaws or blemishes of any kinds. Just a fabulous set of speakers that are much heralded and highly desired.

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