ProAc Tablette 2000, AMAZING Monitors

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The ProAc Tablette 2000 is larger than other Tablette versions which it incorporates a 6 1/2 inch bass driver unit and a 3/4 inch soft dome exclusive to ProAc. The other tablette versions their bass drivers are only 4 1/2 inch in size. By far the ProAc Tablette 2000 is one of the top buys for the money. It has great unparallel soundstage, especially width is good. Imaging is quiet solid. Resolution, dynamics and clarity are excellent too. At all frequencies, the tweeter's great quality of reaching 30KHz, natural midrange and and most of all bass that you may think it comes from a large floorstanding speaker. The Tablette 2000 has wonderful abilities in merging their bass and upper frequencies without sounding weirdly separated like some speakers do. It's a must-hear speaker. Critics say that "the Tablette 2000 speakers are incapable of sounding ‘small’ when they should. With more intimate recordings, quiet female vocals and delicate strings can sound puffed up. The right equipment match is necessary." The speakers are sensitive to equipment matching. An amplifier with adequate power is needed to avoid slow bass. With the right equipment, the setup is well balanced wonderful sounding combination.

These Tablettes are from the the collection of a pretty well know CT Audiophile; we are now offering his many impeccable pieces. This particular set are in near perfect condition. Can not find a blemish on them anywhere and the performance,… just cant get my head around the sound these smallish ProAcs produce. Everyone here at HHA feels the same way. We could each live with these in our own kits and be perfectly happy with them as every day listeners. Don't take out work for it, fine, read the many reviews describing them a "the perfect monitor" & "these Tab 2000's may very well be the greatest asudio investment a true music lover can make" - they are special, they are complete, they are astonishing! 

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ProAc, Tablette 2000 high-end monitors: $750 plus applicable sales tax.

*Stands NOT included