Proceed by Madrigal PDP2, Compact DAC, Great Performance

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Proceed was an offshoot of the ultra-hi-end audio manufacturer, Madrigal, back in the early 1990s.  Affiliated with, and designed by the same crew behind Mark Levinson's iconic hi-end components; the Proceed line was intended to provide an incredible and affordable price point with performance far exceeding the investment.  

The Proceed PDP2 is a compact and high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC).  Originally intended to pair with the Proceed PCD or PDT transport or CD player, this DAC is compatible with most other transports from today or yesteryear.  Think of it as the baby brother to the Mark Levinson No. 36

The unit allows for 4 selectable digital source inputs: 3 coaxial and 1 AES/EBU.  It also features a coaxial pass-through which could feed 1's and 0's to another outboard DAC or surround processor.  The stereo analog outputs feature both balanced and unbalanced connections.  

This unit sounds excellent and works perfectly.  We have it connected to a Sonos streamer and PS Audio transport with great effect.  Sonically, the PDP2 has solid punch and excellent warmth and clarity.

Demos are welcome in Lawrence, MA.

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