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PS Audio 200 Delta Power Amp - is a High Current & High Power Amp w/massive power supply, high quality build & that tips the scale at 70lbs. The 200 Delta has more than enough power to drive any speakers w/ ease at any load. It is without question a superb sonic rival to much more expensive amps. It originally sold for US$2195 and is still treasured today by audiophiles across the globe. This was PS Audios 1st big hit and we all know where the company has skyrocketed to today. 

We enjoy taking power amps and testing them with a variety of preamps and speakers here at the shop. This is a killer piece but to our pleasant surprise, it excels with our own HHA, Cionnsaile Monitors. It drives them without any stress and grips the bass (being extremwly high current) with power and real athority. It's simply put, a fabulous amp that given its age, is  in excellent overall condition showing only the slightest signs of wear. Been totally gone through here in-house by our master tech... rebiased, tuned back to spec, cleaned inside and is ready for the next 20yrs. Also, this was a  Stereophile Recommended product from '93-'97!

- 200W/Ch at 8 ohm & 375W/Ch at 4 Ohms
- 1.2 KW High Current Power Supply
- Dual 25A Bridge Rectifiers feed 80,000 mFd Capacitance

Demos are always encouraged here at the Lawrence shop, this amp is all connected and ready to go.

PS Audio, 200 Delta High Current Power Amplifier: $599 + applicable sales tax