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PSB Speakers was founded in 1972 by Paul and Sue Barton in Waterloo, Canada.  PSB has been successfully pushing the boundaries of hifi audio since introducing the "PSB Canadian Sound" to the world at that time.  With the goal of reproducing the timbre of natural instruments as closely as possible, PSB employed quality components from Philips Audio Labs in Denmark, and the product line was born.

Introduced a couple decades later in 1996, the Stratus Series of speakers from PSB was designed collaboratively with the Canadian National Research Council (NRC).  PSB benefitted from this partnership by utilizing the utmost acoustic testing facilities in the world for speaker evaluation, and also had the tutelage of Dr. Floyd Toole to provide "pointers" in the design.  The Stratus line proceeded to win award after award, through about three aesthetic iterations of the product.  

The Stratus Mini system we have here could be considered part of "round 2" with a sleek, curved, neat design and beautiful 2-tone black and rosewood finish.  The speakers feature a 6.5" poly cone woofer and 3/4" aluminum done tweeter with diffuser/waveguide.  The front ported enclosure allows for easy placement near walls if placement is an issue, and the speakers are at home on a shelf or on a set of stands. The crossover is very steeply set, with a 24db/octave Linkwitz-Riley network splitting the signals to the tweeter and mid-bass. 

Known as a Stereophile "Recommended Buy" from 1993 until the series was discontinued in the late 90s, the Stratus Mini is an exceptional performer.  This set is ready for a new home and looks and sounds spectacular. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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* Note, stands are not included.