QED Genesis Silver Spiral Bi-Wire Speaker Cable, 4m Length - SOLD

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QED created the Genesis Silver Spiral line of cables specifically to benefit ay type of user amplification by reducing the internal resistance of the wire to a negligible level. This reduction allows amplifiers to "see" only the speaker load they are presented, minimizing lag, and delivering more accurate signal to the driver.  

The Silver Spiral cable is made from silver plated oxygen-free copper stranded wire with a poly insulated woven between the conductors in a helical shape.  Each of these 9 bound strands are then wrapped around each other and terminated with their patented "AIRLOC" banana terminals. The wire is wrapped in a clear PVC sheath.

This set of look and perform perfectly.  They feature single to bi-wire terminations form the factory.  Original retail would have been $1,000 when they were purchased three years ago. The outer sheath is in excellent condition. 

These wires can be viewed and demo'd at our showroom in Lawrence, MA.

$249 per pair, 4m length (~13.5 feet each)

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