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Quad UK was formed following World War II to develop home audio power amplifiers.  Their first product, the Quad I, was an instant smash hit.  In the company's storied history, they have rarely made a misstep in design or implementation. The 303 power amplifier is one such example of Quad's incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship.  Introduced in 1967, the 303 was Quad's first solid state amplifier design. Its compact, simplistic, and upright stance instantly commands visual attention.

The 303 power amplifier is capable of 45 watts per channel power output for use with speakers from 4 to 16 ohms.  This unit has been completely examined my our in-house technician with a clean bill of health.  The amp comes with a standard US IEC/NEMA power cord and DIN-to-RCA output adapter. 

Demos are available.  This amp pairs perfectly with the stunning Quad ESL 57 speakers we also have on offer.

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