Quad ESL 57 "Spider Legs", CNC Machined

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We have been lucky enough to collaborate with Sheldon Stokes from SDS Audio Labs in Grantham, NH to restore and upgrade a few amazing Quad electrostatic speakers. With Sheldon's advice and cooperation, we have created a pattern for "Spider Legs" to fit the Quad 57 speaker.  The legs give the speakers an 8" lift from the floor, cleaning up bass response and removing some mid-bass "bloom" that is present when in the factory position.  As a result of this increase in height, we have reduced the tilt of the panels to about 2/3 of the original angle.  This change ensures that imaging and soundstage height are retained and optimized for a normal "lounge" seating position.  

Legs are CNC cut and hand-finished in birch plywood with exposed edge grain. A clear urethane finish is applied.  We supply a matching 3rd pedestal leg for the rear of the speaker as well as hardware in either stainless steel or brass finish.  

Custom sizes and dimensions are available on request with an additional $200 design and machine setup fee. 

Specialized wood species may be requested, are based on availability, and will be priced as a custom order.  Send us an email if you wish to have legs cut and finished in solid wood. 

$499 per standard set, plus shipping.

*Note: Due to supplier issues and backlog, it may take 3-4 weeks for legs to ship once ordered.