Quad ESL 57 w/Arcici Stands - Breathtaking Audiophile "Must Haves"

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Quad UK was formed following World War II to develop home audio power amplifiers.  Their first product, the Quad I, was an instant hit.  In the company's storied history, they have rarely made a misstep in design or implementation. In 1957 Quad sought to introduce the first full-range electrostatic panel speaker suitable for home audio use. The ESL "Electro Static Loudspeaker" was later dubbed the ESL 57 to separate it from Quad's later products.  The design of this speaker was revolutionary at the time, and despite having been copied by multiple manufacturers for over 7 decades, it is unmatched in terms of sound quality and presentation...Even by Quad's own product line. 

Each ESL 57 speaker features three ultra-lightweight membranes or panels, 2 for bass, and 1 for high frequencies. The panels are positioned between two charged plates which react to the audio signal input, vibrating the near mass-less membrane accordingly.  The result is almost completely uncolored sound, and a soundstage that can only be described as "holographic."  If you want your arm hairs to stand on-end during your listening sessions, these are the speakers for you.

This pair of ESL 57 have been completely restored by QS&D in Virginia 12yrs ago. All 6 panels were rebuilt and re-stretched.  Both power supplies and crossovers have been recapped and modified to accommodate today's electrical safety standards. Budgie to IEC mains cords are provided.  

Finally, these Quads come complete with the much heralded Arcici Stands that get them up a bit higher to "sweeten the sweet spot." The stands help project sound further to the listening area and up higher to better fill the room with that Quad ESL magic. Just an amazing set all around and yet another example of the best of the best from the Richard K Collection of FINE Audio. 

Demos are available for these magnificent "bucket list" audiophile MUST haves. We will consider Pilot Freight shipping only. Too valuable and too delicate to ship any other way. Please contact us with your shipping questions. 

Quad, ESL 57 - $3,299 (plus applicable sales tax)