Quad, "L-ite" Subwoofer

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QUAD L-ite Subwoofer,... This amazing sub received a 5/5 star rating in What Hi-Fi audio mag & has been top rated in many reviews for good reason. On a scale from 1 to 10, the bass quality is a solid 10. We've offered ar least 20 subwoofers, including JL, REL, KEF, Dalquist, Snell & so on so we can report with confidence & authority. Many subs sound good for home theater (as this one does also), but most only sound adequate for music. This sub sounds incredible in music only applications. The build quality is as good as anything up to the $4k range; I mean it's Quad!

The front display shows digitally the level, phase, crossover point, etc.. All these adjustments can be controlled from the comfort of your couch, via its remote. The Quad L-ite is anything but reaching down to about 23-25 Hz. It adds the high quality bass foundation that so many contemporary speakers are lacking.

Weighing in at more than 60 pounds, the sub features a built-in 300-watt amp to drive its 10-inch woofer. Besides controls for volume, phase, and crossover frequency (adjustable in 10 Hz increments), you can create up to four presets—one for music, one for movies, and so on. LITE speaker and subwoofer cabinets were offered in four piano lacquer finishes: rosewood, cherry, black, and silver. Build quality is exceptional.

From QUAD: “Subwoofer – The Quad L-ite subwoofer is itself derived from another ‘best-class’: the remarkable Quad L-subwoofer. Identical in every way, except 5/6 the size, and with a 10’’ rather than 12’’ driver, the L-ite subwoofer is compact yet packs a powerful punch."

Again, have had a lot of subs pass through here but this L-ite is special. Musically it's superior to many and pretty much anything at this offering price. Excellent overall condition in beautiful Silver gloss finish. Just a fabulous piece.

Come have a listen at the Lawrence shop. Available online via this website. We can ship this as it comes with its original box, packaging and paperwork.

Quad, L-ite 10" Subwoofer: $559 plus applicable sales tax