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Not much is known about the Quadraflex brand.  A subsidiary to Pacific Stereo in California, Quadraflex was the in-house brand for the retail giant.  The entire company later sold off to CBS, downsized, and then phased out; never to be heard from again...Until now!

The Quadraflex Q2 is a pretty impressive small floor-standing speaker.  A compact 3-way design with a 10" paper cone woofer, 5.5" paper cone midrange, and 3" paper cone tweeter.  Rear controls allow the user to taper the sound of the upper and midrange drivers to suit personal tastes.  The sound from these speakers is clean and robust. Matching in timbre and dynamics to RTR, Advent, and KLH competitions of the day.  The real walnut veneer is a treat.  

This pair have been recapped and cleaned.  The original grille cloth has been retained. One name badge is missing, and oddly, the rear terminals are reversed from one speaker to the other...An interesting production anomaly that we just left as-is. A testament to how quickly these speakers were flying off the shelves at $60/pair in 1970. 

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