Realistic LAB-420 Turntable, Shure V15 RS Cart

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Even people who aren’t into hifi know Radio Shack, and anyone who knows Radio Shack knows the Realistic brand. In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, Radio Shack/Realistic/Optimus gear was competing head-to-head with the Pioneers and Sansuis of the world. 

The LAB series of turntables were developed as inexpensive alternatives to those mainstream brands but with similar features and well-conceived design.  The LAB-420 turntable is a full-auto setup with a nice looking plinth, tinted dust cover, aluminum platter, and direct drive motor assembly. The S-shaped tone arm was designed to allow for optimal positioning of the needle in the groove from the beginning to the end of the record.  

This LAB-420 is in excellent shape. All functions have been tested and work 100%.  On top of it all, this deck has been fitted with a vintage Shure V15 “RS” cartridge; a perfect match for this setup. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence MA.

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