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Reference 3A has been manufacturing exceptional loudspeakers, in various forms, since 1972.  Originally based in Switzerland, the company now hails from Canada.  Using innovations in technology and material science for over four decades, the company has developed products that produce consistent, sonically excellent results.  

(Did you know?: The "3A" in the name refers to the following motto "Art et Acoustique Appliqué")

The Serie Master line was developed in the early 2000s using Reference 3A's signature "crossover-less" design principles.  The woofers are custom made to the company's specifications and matched exactly to the tweeter's resonant frequency to enable the two components to transition seamlessly, and with zero phase anomalies.  The result is imaging and a sense of space that can't be duplicated with more heavy-handed crossover designs.

The Baccarat is a tall, slender tower featuring a 1" soft dome tweeter, 7" Kevlar cone mid-woofer, and 7" internally damped fiberglass cone woofer in a bandpass sub-enclosure. The entire system produces beautiful music.  

These speakers include floor spikes and the original shipping crates, making shipment and option.

Of course, demos are always welcome by appointment in our showroom, with COVID precautions in place.

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