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Rega is known for making some of the most musical digital gear available. From the Apollo to the mighty ISIS, Rega CD players are always at the top of the recommended lists, because they make digital sound so good. Rega has finally channeled their digital know-how into a stand-alone DAC, known only as, the DAC. Featuring Coax, Digital and USB inputs, the DAC makes the most of any digital source.

Selectable Digital Filters
The DAC has the rather unique capability of allowing the user to select which of five digital filters they'd like to use with their music. Since some recordings or systems will sound better with a different filter, this ability creates myriad ways of listening to any recording. Filters include: linear phase, half band, soft knee and min/max apodizing filters usually found in more expensive DAC concepts. These five filters can be applied to 44.1 signals or to higher resolution signals as well.

Non-Oversampling DAC
Rega believes in simplicity and purity of signal and the only way to implement oversampling is to add DSP to the signal path. For this reason the DAC does not over-sample, upsample or upconvert the incoming data.

Chassis Size
Rega chose a half-width, full-depth chassis size for the DAC, a form factor which will be seen on more and more Rega components. It's sits perfectly  alongside your other components and is a highly visually appealing piece.

Come demo this unit today at our Lawrence shop ir purchase with confidence via our website. In excellent blemish free condition. Lightly used in a 2nd system and performs magically.

Rega, DAC - $399 plus applicable sales tax