Rega, Ela - Shockingly Great!

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Rega and many Ela owners believe that the Ela is one of the best all round loudspeakers ever produced. It produces an extremely natural sound balanced across a wider frequency range than most other loudspeakers. The Ela also produces a particularly tuneful and natural bass and is especially suitable for listeners who love bass tunes but hate woolly overblown bass produced by many loudspeakers.

The Ela uses a quarter wave transmission line. To improve airflow through the fold in the transmission line, a full radius section is fitted into the base of the Ela cabinet, resulting in smooth, uninterrupted airflow.

Have heard a lot of speakers but never these Regas... they are the closest think to a set of LS3/5a that I've heard and for a FRACTION of the cost and with a built in stand!! They are nothing short of astounding. In terrific overall condition and another piece from the Richard K collection. The man knows his hifi and these little darlings are winners on every level.

Rega, Ela floor standing speakers: $399 plus applicable sales tax

Some reviews,...

Due to its particularly even bass response the Ela is unusually insensitive to room positioning. The speakers can be placed up to 50mm from a rear wall, in corners or away from the walls. The angle of the speaker is not important. Both loudspeakers can be placed at different angles or in different positions.

- Ela 2000 product description from Rega


Natural, musical, agile, presentation – tidy, deep bass, though insufficiently punchy for liveliest rock. Unfussy about room placement.

What Hi-Fi Buying Guide, Oct 1992