Rega, Planar 25 w/High Performance Motor Upgrade Kit

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The Rega, Planar 25, named in honor of Rega’s silver anniversary, the P25 bridges the gap between the P3 and the P9. The plinth is quite similar to that used in the P9, while the platter is taken from the P3 (the platter on the P9 is reportedly 1/2 the total cost of that unit). The motor assembly, with two hand-adjusted pots (used to remove resonances from the motor) is a ‘tweener, using ideas and the mounting location of the P9, but built on a P3 design. According to Steve Lauerman, the US Rega importer, the motor on the P25 gets about 80% of the performance of the P9’s. Lastly, the ‘arm, the RB600, is another ‘tweener product. Using the same mounting scheme as the RB300, it sports upgraded bearings, a silver anodized finish and uses the same tonearm wire as the RB900. Best of all, at $1275, the P25 is an affordable step up from the P3.

Given that the P3 was such a great bargain, and that the P9 is a world-class deck for a lot less than its peers, should you care that the P25 exists? Absolutely. First, the P3 is a great table/’arm combo, able to compete with other designs up to two and three times its price, but it is still a cost-constrained design. The ‘arm is great, but the platter, the motor assembly and the plinth can all use work, as evidenced by the P9. The P9 delivers an easy 95% of what is possible at any price. But any bargain that requires spending almost $3000 to get can be hard to justify, the P25 sets out to be is a table/’arm combo that is still reasonably priced, and in their tradition of offering extreme value, one that both delivers a significant portion of the improvements of the P9 and attempts to set the standard for the price category. Toss in the 24V High Performance Syncronous Motor Upgrade Kit ($250) and a very nice Rega, Bias MM Cart (standard on this table) and this Planar 25 is ready to plug & play at a pretty high level. 

This particular Rega comes to us from the “Richard K” collection and is yet another amazing piece used sparingly and in excellent overall condition. Comes complete with all boxes, packaging & paperwork. It's truly can't miss!!

Come demo this fine Rega table at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this website.

Rega, Planar 25 w/HP 24V Syncronous Motor Kit and Rega, Bias Cartridge: $999 + applicable sales tax