Rega Planar 3 Hifi Turntable with New MusicHall Spirit Cartridge - SOLD

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Rega has been hand-building hifi products in England for over 40 years.  One of their first major hits was the Rega Planar 3, or RP3, full-manual turntable. The design originated 1977 and has been ever-so-slightly modified and improved over the years.  This is a favorite mid-level turntable for someone looking to improve their gear and enjoy a nice, clean aesthetic. Unlike other manufacturers, Rega's turntable plinths are generally lightweight, which in theory reduces resonances by reducing the overall mass that carries those resonances. 

This unit features a tinted dust cover which is in near-perfect condition; a lightweight aluminum tone arm; full glass platter;  black felt mat; and a brand new (hardly broken in) MusicHall Spirit cartridge. The Spirit uses a spherical tip and lightweight moving magnet design.  It tracks well on both good and not-so-good records, and has excellent dynamics.  

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom with COVID precautions in place. 

$599 (plus applicable sales tax) 

Unfortunately, standard commercial shipping is not available on turntables. However, we can arrange for a courier service to hand-deliver this unit to you for a fee. Message us directly to set that option up.