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REL has been making ground-shaking subwoofers since 1993.  In 1998, the Strata III was introduced and gain incredible acclaim.  The simple design doesn't really give a true indication of the type of performance one can expect from this subwoofer.  At the time, it was at the top of the market and carved out a niche for REL as a subwoofer company to be reckoned with. 

The Strata III features a 10" long-throw Scanspeak woofer with rubber surround and a 100watt Class A/B plate amplifier goes LOW-LOW, 20-120Hz frequency response, with exceptionally fast group delay.  What this means is plenty of power and easier integration with most 2-channel and home theater setups than some larger and crazier woofer designs.  

The cherry veneer finish on this example is in excellent condition.  Balanced and unbalanced connections make for an easy addition to many different systems.  The speaker performs flawlessly and needs nothing to move right into a corner or side wall in your living room or theater space.  

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