Renaissance Audio Prelude, Transmission Line Towers

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Renaissance Audio from Brookline, MA was the brainchild of well-known speaker designer and engineer, Mikhael Shabani.  Originally Morel USA, an importer of Morel speakers from Israel, Mikhael sought to sell finished speakers from Morel's prolific catalog of DIY kits and exceptional components.  Rooted in relatively simplistic designs, typically of a 2-way variety, and using Morel's versatile "MW" range of drivers, Renaissance speakers are not broadly known, but those who know, know...Ya know?

The Prelude model is Renaissance's 2-way transmission line design, using an adaptation of the Morel MDT-33s high-output 28mm coated soft dome tweeter, and the MW-166 coated paper pulp mid-woofer.  The cabinet is exceptionally built and finished in black ash veneer.  The original Corinthian-looking plinths were looking a bit dated, so we upscaled them with stainless steel outriggers.  

These speakers are very efficient at 92 dB and can play well with both solid state and tube amplification. The entire frequency spectrum is represented cleanly, and clearly.  Morel-made speakers typically have a soft, smooth, and realistic mid/high presentation making instruments and vocals seem incredibly life-like.  And the simple Ren-Audio 1st order network means no additional phase correction is needed to integrate these drivers perfectly with each other.  

8 ohm impedance, so easy to drive

32-22,000 Hz frequency response, impressive for a 6-1/2" driver!

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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