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The halls of Harman have never been strangers to innovative driver design, starting way back with JBL, through Infinity, and now from the company's most recent speaker brand, Revel.

Revel's driver design, which they call a ceramic composite, seems simple enough on paper; in practice, it's anything but. In a nutshell, three layers of material—a core of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and two outer layers of glass fiber—form a glass substrate. Geopolymer resin bonds the layers into a single, solid structure, and heat is applied to cure and transform the resulting molecular structure into a true ceramic material. Maybe it doesn't sound so simple on paper, either, but it works. If you know Revel, you know that they wouldn't have let it out the door unless they were completely satisfied with the results.

In the F50, the new drivers debut as three 6.5-inch woofers and a 5.25-inch midrange. The F50 also uses a different tweeter than its step-down sibling, the F30: It still uses a 1-inch dome, but the dome is constructed of pure titanium instead of aluminum alloy. New materials aside, the same successful philosophies that Revel has employed on their previous drivers are in place. These include matching the drivers to within 0.5 decibels of the company's reference units for precise timbre-matching; high-order crossover networks that increase power handling and reduce distortion by restricting the driver to its ideal operating bandwidth; physically separate woofer, tweeter, and midrange filter boards to further combat distortion; and massive overhung voice coils and large motor systems with tight tolerances. The crossover points are 225 hertz and 2.3 kilohertz. The F50's cabinet is 1-inch-thick MDF with extensive internal bracing and cavities (damped with Dacron and Fiberglas) that isolate the driver groups according to frequency range. The front baffle is rounded to reduce diffraction, and the cabinet is ported to the rear. The rear panel offers two sets of gold-plated binding posts for biamping/biwiring, plus a tweeter-level control that affects high-frequency balance and timbre. Four cast-aluminum feet (which can accept spikes) complete the structure, and wood-veneer finishes in cherry, sycamore, rosewood, or black ash help give the F50 considerable aesthetic appeal.

What can we say about these masterpieces other than they are magnificent,... they capture the full range of sound imbedded in every recording. They breath life into any system with power, drive, pace and are unmistakably Revel. We just had a pair of F32 here recently and we thought they were incredible, these F50 expound on their sonic signature and performance in every way: just fabulous full range beauty's in exceptional 9+ blemish free condition. Original boxes and packaging complete the bundle.

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Revel, F50 Full Range Floor Standing Speakers: $1799 + applicable sales tax