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Revel has a very unique history.  Unlike most other speaker companies (like ours, for example) Revel wasn't built on a single entrepreneur's dream or an audiophile's sole desire.  Revel was purposely spun-off of the global electronics giant, Harman International, as a means to show the world what top engineers could produce in a "no holds barred" design environment.  In 1995, Revel was born and in 1997, the Ultima line was released.  The Ultima line consisted of the Salon, Studio, and Gem models and was met with considerable acclaim.  

Created from state-of-the-art materials, and with bespoke drivers designed by Revel engineers and built specifically for Revel by Danish OEM manufacturer, ScanSpeak, the Ultima line delivered on Revel's promise of uncompromising accuracy.  Spearheaded by audio legend, Kevin Voecks, the Ultima Studio speakers represent a speaker squarely in the middle of some of the best music reproduction we have ever heard.  

The Studio speakers, standing slightly smaller than the Salon, weigh in at over 160 lbs each.  The are comprised of two 8-inch carbon composite low-frequency woofers, one 5-1/4" mid-woofer of the same variety, one 1.1" titanium dome tweeter, and an adjustable 3/4" cloth dome rear tweeter for additional spatial effect. 

This combination, represented in our showroom with Walnut composite side panels and gloss piano black painted finish, are a near perfect example of what Revel high-end speakers have to offer.  The sounds these things produce are extraordinary.  Sparkling highs and bottomless lows, with an overall very well-balanced presentation.  These speakers do err on the bright side, so room treatments, plush furniture, and maybe a wool cardigan might be required to really tune them in perfectly to your room.  These speakers have been tested fully and will not disappoint.  

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Originally $10,700, we are offering this pair for $3,699 (plus MA sales tax)

Elevate your listening experience and take the opportunity to own some truly remarkable speakers.  

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