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First of all, what is Roon? Roon essentially is a remote control for your media on your computer network. Essentially, you load it on to either a computer or an iPad, like we have here. It will go out to your network and find every possible audio file you have, be it on a computer, a NAS drive, a server, and it links it all together. On top of that, the Roon controlling software also can be integrated with Tidal. So essentially, the albums that you have in your library and the albums that you have in Tidal are merged together so it looks like one complete library.

The brain behind the Roon experience is the Roon Core. Every aspect of Nucleus – hardware, operating system, and software – was developed to provide a silent, high-performance, power-efficient Roon Core, by the same team that created Roon.

It's a great, convenient way to control your music in that it's almost a Wikipedia for your audio, because not only does it pull in your file names and folder structures, etc., but it goes out to the web and it searches for every bit of information on the album that you have. Your composer, where it was produced, what year it was produced, who was playing in the band at the time. It is an invaluable tool that we find an incredibly satisfying and complete audio experience.

Roon subscription packages come in monthly payments of a yearly upfront discounted rate. Visit Roons site for package options. Unit MUST have a subscription to Roon to operate. This piece is in as-new condition. 

ROON Labs, Nucleus (Rev A): $1,100.00 plus applicable sales tax