Rotel RSX-1067, BIG Power with Added "Bells and Whistles"

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Rotel was formed by the Tachikawa family in Japan in 1957 and rolled its first products out of the factory in 1961.  The company initially started as an OEM manufacturer for other Japanese brands (Panasonic, Sony, etc.) and eventually launched its own product line in the early 1970s. By the late 1980s and 1990s, Rotel had become synonymous with very high end audio, especially solid state amplifiers and control preamps.  Their main focus was power supply design, noting that with cleaner power supply components, other downstream assemblies would perform quiter, resulting in better output and overall dynamics. 

The RSX-1067 theater receiver is one example of Rotel's philosophy, molded into a powerhouse, 100 watt x 7 channel hifi component. And the specs tell the whole story. BIG power  and less than 0.05% total harmonic distortion at full power across the entire frequency spectrum for all seven channels.   This is not some plastic run-of-the-mill home theater box, this is real power, all over the room, whenever its needed.

The receiver's unique look compliments its performance claims; with the signature Rotel heat sink positioned at the front for a beautiful visual effect.  The receiver looks like it's ready to work hard, and for many many years.  This piece in particular is in very good physical condition, with only a few scratches to the anodized alum finish.  It sounds amazingly clean, and has gobs of headroom for even the most demanding speaker.

Although the home theater functionality might be dated, it works, and sounds excellent.  As a 2-channel amp, this thing is a beast. 

This receiver, combined with the Aerial Acoustics 7(A) speakers we have available is a wining formula. 

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