Rotel Separates - RTC-970 & RB-976

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Rotel has been making top-quality home audio and home theater components for over 55 years.  Through the years, and through many partnerships, Rotel remains a family-operated company.  In 1995, along with a number of other high-end manufacturers, Rotel entered into the world of home theater.

The RTC-970 Surround Sound Tuner Preamplifier is one example of Rotel's home theater history.  Featuring a number of sound modes, including Dolby's ProLogic decoding, this unit provides clean output to five discrete channels.  The unit also be set up for stereo listening.  The tuner functions well and pulls in stations with clarity.  This example also includes the Rotel system remote (missing a battery cover).  Barring one scratch on the top of the faceplate, it's physically very healthy!

The RB-976 multi-channel amplifier features 60 watts per channel output for up to 6 discrete channels.  In addition, channel pairs can be bridged for up to 150 watts per bridged output.  The versatility of this amp is boundless.  Combined with the RTC-970, all 6 channels can be used to drive Right, Left, Center, Two Surround Channels and a Subwoofer.  OR, many other combinations!

Both units are available to demo at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

$299 for both units together.  (plus applicable sales tax)

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