S.A.E. Mark ONE Preamplifier - True Vintage High-End

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S.A.E. or Scientific Audio Electronics, began in 1968 with a partnership agreement between Ted Winchester, Morris Kessler and Beth Winchester. With some creative graphics done on a Bishop PC Board they divised the S.A.E. logo and they were off and running. The company 1st brought to market the legendary S.A.E. Mark Two power amplifier that dispite it's rather utilitarian appearance, won many fans including a certain Gordon Holt of Sterophile Magazine. In a sea of Marantz, Pioneer and Sansui, the Mark Two stood out. It didn't have the transistor sound commonly associated with these other brands. Its was different, special and otherworldly in a totally unique way.

Fast forward to 1975 and the S.A.E. Mark One preamp. With its step attenuator, discreat capacitor array, separate 2 channel EQ settings, output gain selectors & input for (2) turntables, the Mark One became "the preamp of choice" for the well heeled 70s audiophile set. 

This preamp comes to us from The Richard K collection of fine audio components. It's been thoroughly tested and is a performance champion. It's dead quiet, totally free of any grain or coloration and is exceptional visually with only the slightest signs of wear. It's been making the rounds with shop amplifiers and has settled-in magnificently with Richard's own Audio Research, Dual 75A tube amplifier. This is one OUTSTANDING pairing.

Come give this fine S.A.E. a twirl here at the Lawrence showroom or buy with confidence here on our website.

Scientific Audio Electronics, Mark One Preamplifier: $999 + applicable sales tax