Sansui AU-555 A "Little Wonder"

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In introducing the Au-555A, Sansui sets still another "first" in its long list of audio innovations: the first time a truly professional control amplifier of Sansui quality has been available in the medium power price range. The AU-555 incorporates many of the features of Sansui's larger AU series amplifiers, including an all silicon solid state design, professional arrangement of controls and an black control panel. At the same time, it offers several distinctive features of its own. In performance, a total music power output of 60 watts, a power bandwith from 20 to 30,000 Hz, and a distortion factor of only 0,5% are made possible by utilizing special SEPP-ITL-OTL circuitry. Pre- and main amplifier sections designedfor independent usage, two adjustable speaker damping factors, a 4-position speaker selector switch, and four outputs and seven inputs give it almost unlimited versatility. These are only a few of the many features offered by the new AU-555S - features that make it the first uncompromised control amplifier in the medium power range.

Cant tell you how much we love this Sansui, well, all Sansui AU series pieces for that matter. This integrated is a shining start with efficient speakers... we had it paired with a customers Klipsch, Heresys and honestly, it's made them sing louder and prouder than any shop integrated at 2-3x the power & price. Just another wonderful piece of Sansui design and craftsmanship. Beautiful walnut cabinet in excellent condition with only the slightest signs of wear. Beautiful vintage patina... a true superstar amp. Has been gone through in house, re-biased, full hygiene cleanup and brought back to spec. It's ready to

be the center of the action in your vintage system.

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Sansui, AU-555A Integrated Amplifier: $399 + applicable sales tax