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The Sansui AU-666, released in Japan in 1970 during the “Golden Era” of high-fidelity Japanese audio, is a vintage integrated amplifier of exceptional quality. The AU-666 offers a rated output of 35W+35W (8 Ohms), with total harmonic distortion (THD) of < 0.5%. The main amplifier has a direct-connection complete complementary Darlington circuit, with a PNP-NPN output capacitor for a 2-stage differential amp circuit and output capacitor. With this configuration, applied NFB is uniform across all frequency bands. The AU-666 remains a superb amplifier. Everything about this amp spells quality, with its precise, thoughtful construction, solid knobs, and attractive design. These fantastic vintage Sansui amps are a bit rate but we have several. This unit is in very good condition with only some general aging and signs of use, including a few scratches and repaired veneer. This amplifier has been thoroughly checked and tested by our professional tech who has confirmed its integrity, working condition and has been brought back to spec. These “Golden Era” amps are known for their robust construction and use of the highest quality parts, so it’s likely this unit will see many more years of use.

Adding to the mix a very cool and rare Vintage Sansui TU-666 Fm/Am Analog Tuner with back lit meter and dial, stereo beacon, round dial, wood cabinet. Incomparable vintage 70s Sansui design, craftsmanship, attention to detail, parts quality, fit & finish, sound quality and performance. It is in beautiful well cared for working condition, locks in stations strongly with the stereo beacon illuminated. It has the very nice analogue sound, smooth, detailed, dimensional involving, natural and musical. It is a smaller piece being 13"s wide and 5.5"s tall and was made to accompany the AU-666. This matching set rarely comes along and is truly a slice of audio history. Just amazingly cool!

Come demo this outstanding pair of Sansui components at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this website.

Sansui, AU-666 Integrated Amp & TU-666 Analog Tuner: $789 + applicable sales tax.

*Note - we would prefer NOT to separate these two pieces. They will miss each other!