Sansui AU-7900, Understated Looks & Massive Performance

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Sansui was top-shelf in the 1970s.  They weren't a one-hit wonder, or even a 10-hit wonder.  Sansui literally had hundreds of products that any music-lover or audiophile would want to own...Then or now. In 1976, Sansui brought us the AU-7900 integrated amplifier.  At the time, the AU-7900 was almost a "retro" look before retro was cool - harkening back to the company's designs from the late 1960s - the AU-7900 differentiated itself instantly from anything else on the store shelves at that time.  The 7900 replaced the late-70s complicated front panels and oversized knobs, glass panels, and silver-faced glory with a rather understated, and undersized, chassis. 

The result is a stunningly simplistic design from the outside that masks exactly how great and sophisticated this little amp is on the inside.  The specs don't tell the whole story.  -- Yes, it has 80 watts per channel of power and can host a 4 ohm load without issue.  -- - Yes, it features one of the lowest distortion ratings of equipment of this time.  -- Yes, it has features up the wazzoo.  -- But all this is not out there flashing about, it's all kept nice and uncluttered.  

The internal NF-equalized phono preamplifier meets RIAA requirements with only 0.3dB variation from the master across the entire frequency range, AND does it with 3-step impedance matching for those with finicky carts.

The triple-tone control (bass, mid, treble), with selectable turnover frequencies, uses a detent volume design for the lowest possible unwanted coloration of the original signal...The same design used in the main volume control.

This unit is ready to go.  Sounds amazing, and has been fully serviced.  Many internal caps and other components were replaced to ensure that this piece performs as well as the news articles would lead you to believe.  And it does!  Just beautiful.

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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