Sansui AU-888 Integrated Amplifier - "Vintage Masterpiece"

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The Sansui, AU-888 is a stereo pre/main amplifier with performance and functions similar to the AU-999. If you've been pining for a vintage "999" but the price is a bit heavy, this is the ULTIMATE 2nd choice. It may not have the power of its bigger brother but this AU-888, like the R-1050 from Luxman, was the sweet spot of their line.

The main amplifier section is fully connected with a 2-stage differential-amplifier circuit and two positive and negative power supplies without capacitor, and adopts complimentary service Darlington circuit system. As a result, uniform NFB is applied from the DC range to the entire audio range, the damping factor and output characteristics are constant up to the ultra-low range, and the speaker's blur in the ultra-low range is reduced, reducing intermodulation distortion. In layman's terms, this is a super clean amp that plays without any notable distortion. It's got that Sansui signature sound, clean, warm and not overly fuzzy. It's comfort food for your ears!

Controls include Bass, Midrange and Treble; "TTC" (Triple Tone Control). This allows for more accurate program and room acoustic compensation. The AU-888 is also equipped with functions such as low filter, high filter, loudness, headphone jack and muting switch.

The preamp and main amplifier can be used independently at the position of the speaker switching C system so that a multi-amplifier system can be constructed while taking advantage of the performance of the preamp and main amplifier sections. Mid-range correction is more accurate with a tone selector that allows you to switch between two frequencies of up and down defeat.

A truly fabulous piece and one of the favorite Sansui integrated amps we've experienced. It's got real character and plays with weight and directness.  Real walnut cabinet is in impeccable condition for a unit of this vintage. NO DISAPPOINTMENTS with this one!

Come demo this fine Sansui Integrated here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence online via this website.

Sansui, AU-888 Integrated Amplifier: $849 + applicable sales tax