Sansui QRX-3500, Stereo or Quad, Awesome Receiver

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Sansui first opened its doors in 1947 as a manufacturer of power transformers.  After years of success and slow growth, Sansui become a household name in the early 1970s with the dawn of the home audio "receiver wars."  Sansui products were known for robust build quality and a laundry list of features that other brands attempted to copy.  During the "Quadraphonic" era, Sansui was at the top if their game - competing direction with Pioneer for dominance over the Quad market.

The QRX-3500 was introduced as a flagship model in in 1973.  The unit had excellent and stable power distribution with about 22 watts per channel, evenly into 4 channels at 8 ohms.   Although that doesn't sound like a lot of solid state power in today's age, given the topology of this amp, and the easy-to-drive nature of speakers from the early-70s, the QRX-3500 could pump out tunes into 2 or 4 channels with ease and clarity.  

This QRX-3500 has been fully serviced by our renown tech, Ton Brander. Any and all worn or devalued components have been replaced.  All controls cleaned, and the usefulness of the Sansui QS Barrio decoding has been verified. The FM dial is clear and bright to go alongside the massive silver front faceplate.  Also, the real wood veneered case is in pristine condition. Overall, a wonderful piece of history. 

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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