Sansui SR-929 Direct Drive Turntable

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The Sansui SR-929 is a high-tech turntable in a modest enclosure.  Featuring  two Quartz Servo controlled speeds with Direct Drive operation, the table is incredibly accurate.  Because of the Direct Drive operation, the motors and controllers ensure that records spin at nearly the same exact pace, within 0.002% deviation, regardless of room or record quality conditions.  The twin-pole DC brushless motor is extremely quiet as well. 

We have seen many vintage turntables come through touting all sorts of features, and many of them play very well.  But this 929 is another level.  The delicate nature of the armature and no-nonsense heft of the nearly 30 lb plinth and motor assembly are more than impressive.  Pair this table with any cart of your choosing and you will be wowed by the quality of the listen experience afforded to you. 

This table has been fully serviced, all motor controls and clocks checked for accuracy.  The platter and are mechanisms serviced accordingly.  And to top it off, it has been fitted with a glorious Shure V15-III cartridge which sounds phenomenal.

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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* Note, we cannot ship a turntable like this.  Please enquire about customizable delivery options.