Sansui, TA-500 Receiver

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So here we are again featuring yet another unexpectedly fabulous find - the Sansui, TA-500 Reviever from 1979. It's a 50watt x 2 beauty that has all the inputs a modern audio lover could ever want. Its classic SANSUI and is without question a house vintage favorite brand.
This unit is in excellent condition with only the slightest visible wear. Bulbs are bright, FM Stereo reception is outstanding and it even has a top notch phono stage, like most quality vintage receivers from this era. The power this little devil packs is shocking. Like all Sansui it's rated conservatively but know, this amp will growl when you lean on then volume control - plays with pace and rhythm and is a pleasure to own. Its been run through but our NYC tech and is ready for the next 25yrs of magic.

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Sansui, TA-500 Tuner/Amp: $449 + tax and shipping when applicable